How to send in your part

Do you have obsolete equipment that needs parts? Can't find replacement parts? Are you tired of paying too much for OEM parts? Do you need to make changes or want to improve an OEM part? Have you ever been told well you need to by the assembly just to get one part? Maybe you have an item that you can't find?

We can help!

We have made parts for obsolete equipment, made OEM parts better, made OEM type parts less expensive. We can even improve and implement your ideas to make a machine work better for you or make parts last longer. We have made parts for all types of equipment and we can make your parts. Sometimes we simply use our years of buying experience to locate a supplier for your item, it could be a wear strip, hardware or an oilier felt, whatever the part we can find it. We start off identifying your problem; we then start our process to get you the best quality parts at reasonable prices. No quantity is too big or small. We can handle almost every material and can fabricate machine, stamp, laser cut whatever is required to make your item. We have stock of some commonly used items for baking equipment and these items can be shipped out the same day no need to wait for the OEM to make the parts.

If you have a part you would like us to make, this is the process.

Step one:

If possible send a digital picture of the part you are looking for. After we review your item we may advise you to step 2.

Step two:

Send your part to us. if it is a part currently on a machine we can offer a quick turn around 1-3 days. Please call us to schedule a time for this process. If needed, we will take your part and start the reverse engineering process. For all items we make we will generate a detailed drawing, which then we keep on file for future reordering for you. Then after we have completed this process, if needed, we can over night ship your old part back to you to continue using while we start making your item.

Step three:

We will provide an estimate for your item, if our price is within your budget we will provide a written quotation for you.

Step four:

Normally we can provide most parts within 2 weeks. If required we can offer a quicker turn around depending on the complexity of your item. We offer next day service for some items and if your item is something you will continue to reorder we can maintain some parts for you in stock for immediate delivery.


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