Engineering Services

With AES INDUSTRIAL engineering you will receive innovative solutions, attention to detail and we will exceed your expectations.

AES INDUSTRIAL has many years of experience designing food processing equipment and conveying systems. We approach every project with our customer needs in mind by taking this approach we can offer solutions that will exceed your expectations. We approach every project from several areas including but not limited to budget, sanitation requirements, safety, ease of use, time frame, and maintenance friendly. We will use the brands and types of components you already stock as well as limit proprietary parts to keep your maintenance costs under control. We may determine your best solution is to purchase available equipment and modify it to give you the custom solution you need. Other times we will take your existing equipment evaluate it's strengths and weaknesses and then develop a new and improved machine that exceeds the performance of your old equipment.

We can upgrade or modify your existing equipment at your plant using any of the top brands of industrial control equipment.

Depending on the project requirements AES INDUSTRIAL can supply you with engineering services using our own staff. Should the project fall outside of our own expertise, we have working relationships with several engineering firms which may assist us in completing your project. Several of our partners have staff available throughout the United States and by having people available nation wide, we can give you the onsite personnel to complete your project.

Electrical and automation

In addition to the engineering services provided directly by AES INDUSTRIAL, our team offers custom automated production equipment. In addition to complete design and build services, we can provide programming services for your in-house machines.

We can upgrade or modify your existing equipment at your plant. These services range from PLC and Touch screen programming to new stepper and servo controls. Our team works with many of the top brands of industrial control equipment such as Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Emerson, and Yaskawa equipment are just a few of the brands we use.

Do you need to upgrade your Panel View to a Panel View+? Our team can provide a complete conversion, with startup assistance. Simply provide us with your the base program we will handle the rest.
Do you need to clean up old programs, remove old code or need to make changes, give us a call we can help.


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