Bakery Replacement Parts

Bread & Bun Parts Donut Parts Miscellaneous Parts

Bread & Bun Parts

Bread Pan Sheave Roller And Shaft

Mixer Bowl Tilt Ram And Adjustment Stud

Slicer Blade Wheel

Z-Board / Coney Board


Tro Hoist Babbitt Replacement

Depanner Flight

Wire Mesh Belt Sprocket

Diverting Table One Piece Pallet


Bun Cutter

Oiler Felt

Conveyor Shoe

Depanner Cup Holder


Mixer Beater Bar Bushing

Mixer Agitator Shaft Seal Holder

Food Grade Gaskets

Springs For Bread Tender Kurl Curve


Diverting Table Two Piece Pallet

Bar Holder Coney

Cooler Brush

Troughing Conveyor Cone


Mixer One Piece Split Seal

Proof Box Sprockets

Bun Dough Line Belt Knife

Conveyor Connector


Slicer Guard

Bread Bagger Bracket

Bread Bagger Clutch

Box Former Knives


Conveyor Bridge

Bread Bagger Bracket

Conveyor Hold Down

Bread Oven Stand Off


Bread Cooler Brush

Blade Scraper Bread Oiler

Bladder Scraper

Bread Cooler Shoe



Auger Drive

Wear Journal

Auger Seal Holder



Upper and Lower Pusher Bar

Depanner Slat with steel insert

Proofing Tray


This gallery of parts is only small showing of bakery parts AES INDUSTRIAL offers. If you don't see a part pictured in this list please call or contact us.


Toll Free

The part on the left
is the customers
damaged part.
On the right is
our new part.

The manufacture
of this piece of
equipment is no longer offering
replacement parts, so our customer
has been welding up this broken
part for several years.
The old part never lasted long as they
were cast from aluminum and the welding
had began to change the original parts
geometry then causing other problems
with the machine. The customer sent
us the sample part via over night
carrier. We then reverse engineered the
part and sent the old part back the
same day for use while we machined the
new part for them. Our new part
works better than the original OEM
part. How? We machined the parts
from a solid aluminum tooling plate.
The OEM part was made from a
much weaker casting process with
cast aluminum.

How to send in your part