AES Pressure Board


Use of superior plastic materials on the pressure board improves wear and helps reduce stickups.

The design of the AES system allows doubles and triples to pass through without destroying belts, motors and other transmission components.

System is fully adjustable for the proper tension required for your dough needs.

Height adjustment system features markings on the side of the roller housings. These markings will give your operators the distance from the pressure board to the conveyor bed, very useful for determining proper setups and repeatability.

Easily installed with no moving parts. Stainless steel and aluminum construction. All aluminum parts are clear anodized, all fasteners are stainless steel.

The pressure board is lifted with four rear mounted gas shocks for secure, smooth lifting and full frontal access for cleaning with no obstructions. Installing an AES Pressure Board System will virtually eliminate the need for any moulder belt flour.

Fully adjustable locking height adjustment handle, eliminates loose handles from being misplaced or ending up in other processing equipment.

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