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When manufacturing plants have a breakdown in their equipment or need to purchase new equipment, they often rely on AES Industrial located in Waunakee's Industrial Park to find just the right replacement part.

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Tight turn radius conveyor

Our customer had a problem with a wire belt radius conveyor on their bread line. When the slicers would back up the un sliced bread would back up the conveyor line. When the backup would reach the discharge of a radius conveyor the flights would often catch the loaves of bread causing them to bend. The bent wire flight would then cause a shutdown of the entire line.

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Flour dusters

AES INDUSTRIAL engineered a simple flour duster which can be purchase stand alone or integrated into a conveying system. The simple design can be modified to meet any need you may have. The picture shown below is a dusting system for a processed cheese plant. In this case the customer required a duster to dust slabs of cheeses.

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Bakery pan return radius conveyor

Our customer had experienced extensive down time and problems with a 180 degree radius conveyor. The radius conveyor was part of a bun pan return line which was constructed from two rows of bakers bend chain using a jack shaft to drive the inner and out line of table top.

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