While spending many years in the food processing industry as an engineer designing food processing equipment and serving as project manager of systems and purchasing/sourcing industrial production parts, AES founder Joe Pichette, was often asked by clients "When are you going to go out on your own?". In early 2001, Joe decided the time was right to do just that, so he started Alpha Engineering and Sales, Inc. (AES). Over the past several years, AES has become an emerging leader in the industry, known for finding creative solutions to industrial strength problems at pricing that often beats the large MRO suppliers.

We will do whatever it takes to earn your business, trust and friendship. While all companies have good customers, at AES, our customers are friends first, customers second.

Several of our customers have asked if we could put together easily accessible information to benefit their plants throughout the U.S. At the end of 2006, we decided the time was right to create our new website for our current customers and to reach out to new customers. During this process, it was determined that a name change to AES INDUSTRIAL would better identify to our customers.

AES Industrial Building

With 11+ years of experience teaching Mechanical Design at a local technical college, Joe Pichette, identified and coached many talented students who have since entered the work force with some of our excellent vendors. We have maintained and built on those relationships, which began as instructor-student interaction and developed into a large network of capable people, working together toward a common goal. This large base of talent and experience has assisted AES in its ability to offer unique solutions in the industry. While large nationally-based MRO suppliers offer self-replacement items, few offer technical knowledge to solve your problems. These suppliers are good sources for obtaining off the shelf, catalog type items, but fall short at solving problems and providing solutions that cannot be found in a catalog. That is where AES INDUSTRIAL comes in.

By listening to our customers needs and by creative thinking, AES INDUSTRIAL offers many solutions and services at considerable savings. AES INDUSTRIAL uses sophisticated design software to engineer all equipment or reverse engineer your parts. We maintain the engineering drawings so that AES INDUSTRIAL can repeat the exact quality of the original part on bakery replacement parts. Whether you order the same part once a month or once every five years, the part will be the same.

Our goal:

    To exceed customer expectations by offering quality services, on time delivery and most importantly customer first.

We have many great customers in the Food Processing industry, Pharmaceutical Production, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Plastic Production, Medical Equipment & Wood Finishing. AES INDUSTRIAL provides services, parts, industrial items and equipment to assist you to keep your business moving. We work with your company to help you achieve your goals and maintain your production schedule, while reducing your overall costs.

By creative thinking AES offers many services at considerable savings.

  • We are a unique company offering solutions specific to your industry needs
  • Providing solutions to difficult industrial problems
  • Cost savings by solving problems from our years of experience
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations
  • Focused in food industry with emphasis in baked goods
  • Bakery replacement parts, fabrication, industrial engineering
  • Your source for hard to locate components
  • Quality products with timely delivery
  • Replacement parts to obsolete production equipment

As a distributor of many components for machinery, conveyor belting, rollers to pallet jacks, racking, hand trucks and scissor lifts, AES INDUSTRIAL offers equipment from "stock" conveyers to custom designed conveying systems. We have designed many products, some of which include dough hoppers, divider hoppers, platforms, dusting systems, walkovers, flip up conveyors, troughing conveyors, radius conveyors, etc.

AES INDUSTRIAL has a commitment to exceed customer expectations by offering quality services, on-time delivery and, most importantly, by customer-first thinking. If you have a problem, can't find a part, need something special or are in need of an industrial solution, AES INDUSTRIAL can help. We will do whatever it takes to earn your business, trust and friendship. While all companies have good customers, at AES INDUSTRIAL, our customers are friends first, customers second.


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